Conversion and Skillset Summit for Real Estate Agents

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Session 1 - Keynote

Why Influence in Conversion Matters in 2023

Your words matter more now than they ever have before. Steve will walk you through a few ways to approach real estate with people right now that creates safety and confidence in the buying and selling markets of 2023. 

Session 2

The 2023 Buyer Presentation

Learn how to identify and win your dream clients based on the 2023 market. More importantly learn how to uncover the clients that are not prepared to win in this 2023 real estate climate.

Learn the 3 things agents do that prevent them from signing dream clients and the super simple roadmap you can walk your prospects through that creates trust, loyalty, and excitement.

Session 3

The 3 Parts of a highly converting lead sales script

Learn what to say and how to followup in 2023.

Winning in this market, you need to know that:

  • The consumer knows more now than they ever have before
  • Why people choose the REALTOR they choose
  • What REAL rapport is and how to get into it
  • The opening framework of every script
  • The one question you should ask before every close
  • How to close on the phone the right way

Session 4

The best sales tools we use for conversion in today's market

We walk through the top 5 tools you need for conversion in 2023.

Session 5

10 Steps to handling any objection

Learn why having the answer to every objection is the wrong objective. Knowing why they have the objection is more important than the solution.

Using this multi step process to handle any objection, not only will you close more clients, you do it in a way that creates safety and commitment.

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